We’re so glad you’re here! We believe every member of our PEDAL CYCLING ALAMEDA community matters. Our goal is to do our very best to ensure that every experience with PEDAL exceeds expectations. If that doesn't happen, we hope you will give us an opportunity to try to address any challenge faced. To do that, please e-mail us at or write to us at Pedal Cycling Alameda, Inc, Attention: ‘Everyone Matters’ at 1525 Park Street, Alameda, CA 94501. Please include: (1) your name, (2) your contact information, and (3) a description of your concern. Thank you in advance for giving us the opportunity to listen and ensure you are as happy as can be.


Now, a bit about us!


We are an independently owned studio. Just a local mom (of twins) who lives in Alameda, and who wants a place to go and SPIN! We are excited to be a part of your lives and the community of Alameda. We hope to become your HAPPY PLACE. Where you can come and spend a part of your day for yourself! Listen to some great music, get your sweat on, enjoy the company of those around you doing the same thing and be supported in both your fitness and emotional well-being. Come and PEDAL with us!


We have 15 SPINNER RALLY bikes – that’s one for the instructor and 14 for you to come and join us on. The bikes are each equipped with SPD compatible shoe-clips, but they also have toe cages so if you don’t have clip-in shoes, it’s ok - just bring your gym shoes. We also have TIEM Brand shoes for purchase. Check them out in our retail area - you will love them!


We will provide a towel for you to use during your ride. Guaranteed - you will need it! Please drop it in the laundry bin by the front desk as you say goodbye.


Hydration is VERY important when you’re riding.  You will need to have enough water with you to drink throughout the ride. We encourage the use of reusable bottles – and you can fill them up at our FLOWATER station. You never knew water could taste this good! If you forget your bottle – you can purchase one of our PEDAL bottles!


We do not have showers… but we do have a couple of changing rooms with lots of accoutrements to help you feel (and smell) fresh after your workout. We also do not have lockers – only open cubbies. So please leave your valuables at home. Although we have great faith in our riders to not take anything that doesn’t belong to them, we cannot be responsible for any precious items going missing. Please just don’t chance it.


Having said that… if you do bring your cell phone into the studio, it is not welcome on the studio floor. Please let the phone go and cherish your cell-free time with us. We do have a cell phone charging station though so you can get your phone all charged up and ready for when you finish your me-time.


NEXT, a bit about you….


Everyone is welcome! You do not need to be at a certain fitness level to join into a class.  You set your own bike tension and you ride at your own pace. A brand-new rider can be in the same class as a long-time experienced rider. Come one, come all!


Our scheduling system opens up on a rolling 14-days, so you will be able to book 14 days out from each day you access the system.


In order to not be charged for a missed class, cancellations must be completed BEFORE 6pm the evening before your booked class. This can be accomplished in your account either from our WEBSITE or in our APP, or you can also call the studio for us to assist you at 510-775-7423. Cancellations through the studio can only be completed if you are able to actually speak to someone. Please do not leave a VM with cancellation information – we cannot guarantee that a message will be heard and actioned on in-time.


This includes the waitlist as well. Please remove yourself from the waitlist if you cannot make the class. IF you make it off the waitlist, you will be notified by email before 6pm the night before the class date. At that time, you will be registered into the class and will be charged for the class unless you cancel it before 6pm the night before.


Please check in at the front desk when you arrive. We request that you arrive 10 minutes early so that you are ready to ride on time. Please also allow an extra 5 to 10 minutes if you are new so that we can assist you to get properly set-up on your bike. Please call the studio if you will be late. We will not allow anyone to join more than 5-minutes late into a class.

We are very excited to welcome you into the studio and can't wait to PEDAL with you!